President Clinton visits Inglewood California to make sure we all go out to vote on Tuesday


President Bill Clinton likes to call himself the explainer in Chief. And there is very good reason for him to say that. Today in Inglewood he explained step-by-step why Hillary would be the best choice for our next president and why she was in his opinion the most prepared to be president in his lifetime. Also important he pointed out how ill-prepared Donald Trump is period and Beyond the fact that he is ill-prepared there is his rhetoric of hate and bigotry and bias. Has President Clinton says if a judge of Mexican heritage who was born in Indiana cannot rule in a case because Donald Trump said he wants to build a wall then let’s take this to the extreme and anybody has said bad things about women cannot be a judge ruling in a case with a woman defendant. Or any gay judge who is presiding over a case where the defendant said disparaging things about the lgbtq community cannot be the judge in the case. With this warped and he defendant can forcibly recuse a judge by the defendant’s actions or words. Hillary is going to decimate Trump and a landslide victory in November. But that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down for a second. Between now and November we have to make sure that we tell our neighbors our friends and even those who disagree with you how Trump good cause a depression and even worse a nuclear war.

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When President Clinton finished his remarks he walked down from the stage and make sure to engaged and shake hands with everyone that was there for the event. Intro Bill Clinton fashion I felt he was speaking directly to me. He makes amazing eye contact even though there was a large crowd. I’ve seen President Clinton now 4 times and each time I felt like I was with a friend. This man has amazing charisma. One of the people at the event was wearing a t-shirt that says Bill Clinton for First Lady and when President Clinton thought he said I would love to be the first lady of the United States.

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