More Companies Opt to Sit Out Trump’s Coronation in Cleveland

When giant corporations, who let’s face it always look out for their best interests, are scurrying away from the Republican convention as sponsors is very telling. This is a 3 and 3 hours at prime-time event. Trump is going to make for very high ratings for this Republican convention. I’m sure the Democrats are not going to get the same numbers because we’re kind of peaceful. But besides that the fact that companies are looking at this as a liability is great in my way of thinking. Companies, even Trump’s, always give to both parties. They may not give the same amount to each party but it’s there to hedge their bets bets. For corporations to just pull out of the Republican convention and these are not little companies were talking about Ford and JP Morgan Chase etcetera amongst a few that you can see in the article is kind of a crystal ball into their thinking. Trump is going to lose the election now how do we save whatever we can. The old metaphor rats jumping off of a sinking ship is about as correct as it could be. And I will always put this caveat that 5 months in a political time frame is like 5 years so things could change drastically between now and then. The only thing that can change his Trump and he’s made that quite clear.


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