House to recess until July 5, pre-empting guns sit-in – POLITICO

The Republicans cheated. That’s nothing new. What is new is that they misunderstood what today means to the citizen of the United States. This was not a run-of-the-mill happening in Washington. This is going to have long-term ramifications. I believe that the look you saw on Paul Ryan’s face when he was trying to call the house to order was his realization that his speakership would end in January. The will of the people that’s what Congress is supposed to be. And it’s clear that the will of the people is not being heard. And it’s not just gun safety, it’s climate change, infrastructure, spending in places where the need is great. Paul Ryan wants the world to go on in his vision. His replacement of the Affordable Care Act that he unveiled today and was eclipsed by the Democratic sit-in showed he doesn’t understand the American people. He wants to pay people who cannot afford health insurance through tax credits. You have to have money to pay for it in the first place and paying for it afterwards is basically like saying I’m not giving you health insurance. No today we saw something important happened in Washington. And returning until July 5th is not going to quiet it down. Hell, that’s all we’ll be talking about until July 5th.
And it’s definitely time to disarm hate.


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