Hillary’s killer week in review – USA Today

This has been quite a week for Hillary. She dominates during the Tuesday primaries including a blowout in California. President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Elizabeth Warren endorse her. She hires most of Bernie Sanders Youth Empowerment team. She gets the endorsement from the AFL-CIO. And she makes her first speech in front of a group at Planned Parenthood to an overwhelming positive response.
What are contrast with Donald Trump. He doubled down on his attacks on the federal judge. He asked that his surrogates continue that line of attack. He started using a teleprompter which made him look boring. Tonight he use the teleprompter again in front of what was supposed to be 12000 people but only 1100 + showed up. Mitch McConnell said that he needed a strong vice president because Donald Trump did not have the grasp of the issues. A group of Republicans at Mitt Romney’s retreat or figuring out how they can get rid of him. And then Mitt Romney and CNN interview says that Donald Trump is using trickle down racism.
Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Maher who has stayed impartial during the primaries said that he hoped to God that Hillary wins. Bill Maher is an atheist and he used that term. He also said that Hillary Clinton should call Donald Trump clown meat.
Madam President I believe the White House is awaiting you.


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