Hillary Clinton Is In, Bernie Sanders May Exit, and Democrats Seek Unity – NYTimes.com

It should in actuality say in the headline “Bernie Sanders should exit the race”. I believe that Bernie Sanders is a patriot. I don’t think he would have gone through the gruel of running for president if you were not. And as a patriot he understands the enormity of having Donald Trump as our president and what it would do to take our country backwards. Let’s hope that he listens to his inner angels and especially tomorrow to President Obama who I’m sure will urge him to pull out of the race and throw his support wholeheartedly towards Hillary Clinton. It’s not easy losing a campaign. Hell I ran for neighborhood Council and the whole election process was 2 months long and I was disappointed when I lost. But I didn’t ask for a recall, I just took the loss and thought about all the wonderful people that I had met during the campaign.
How many people in their sixties can say they stood in front of thousands and thousands of adoring young people yelling out their name. Bernie Sanders can say this and he should say it with his head held up high. So I hope that he will do the right thing and tomorrow after meeting with President Obama we’ll announce that he is suspending his campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Hillary Clinton, the winner of four states in Tuesday’s voting contests, addressed supporters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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