Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump’s convention – POLITICO

Out of 50 politicians that Politico surveyed that would normally be chomping at the bit to speak at the convention only a few said they might be interested. Almost everyone else had talking points. They ranged from I’m not going to be attending the convention this year to I am not interested in the speaking position at the convention this year. This is remarkable because a political convention is a 3 Day infomercial for that presidential candidate. And no one wants to be on stage with Trump. We have three weeks until the convention and I will repeat this over and over again one week in political terms is the same as a year in regular terms so let’s not call the body dead yet. Trump could be roaring back to life next week and all of this will seem as far away as the 24-hour sit-in the Democrats had in the house only last Tuesday.


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