Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow

” I am ready to endorse the person who’s the next president of the United States to the White House, Hillary Clinton” were the first words out of Elizabeth Warren on Rachel show tonight. She said a sentiment that I have said a million times, that Donald Trump can never be near the White House.
In the worst kept secret being revealed on the same day that a very well kept secret came out.  first President Obama releases a video tape endorsing Hillary Clinton comment then Joe Biden endorses Hillary Clinton and now Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party is United behind Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton after the Washington DC primary next Tuesday. At that point the the Democratic party will be United to defeat Donald Trump.
Now let’s look at the Republicans. There is a new term floating around SINO, or Supporters in name only.  That does not bode well for the GOP in November.
Wow, the Donald is having a BAD 5 weeks.


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