Bernie Sanders had a plan for today. Democrats had another. – WashPost

Great reporting by The Washington Post. A behind the scenes of how today’s events unfolded. President Obama called Bernie Sanders on Sunday night and told him that he planned to endorse Hillary today. Senator Sanders asked that the President wait until after their meeting at the White House today. President Obama kept his word and a few minutes after Senator Sanders left the White House the video endorsement was released. The whole day was orchestrated as a show of Unity by the Democrats behind Hillary Clinton. With a couple of bumps along the road from Bernie Sanders we pretty much gave that show to the world. Bernie Sanders wants the chairmanship of the finance committee of the Senate. He knows he has to play ball with the Democrats and make sure that Hillary gets elected or those dreams go down the drain.
Donald Trump is not going to be easy adversary. He is coming and he cheats and he’s willing to say almost anything for power. So what we see today is a week and Donald Trump who although bloodied is certainly not out of the race. He’s going to get money from all over the corporate Republican universe and mount a fierce campaign against Hillary. Here in California, where Hillary is basically a shoo-in, commercials have already started trying to change her. Now it’s time for the media to do their job and make sure that the truth goes out and they don’t follow him like some lost puppy.


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