BBC: In stunning decision, Britain votes to leave the EU

Some will say that a storm over London kept the pro EU londoners away from the polls. Whatever the reason for this vote it’s going to have the ramifications. Prime Minister David Cameron may need to resign. Tomorrow the markets are going to be a mess. It will most likely throw Europe into a deep recession. And why has it come to this?
I’m sure you’ll remember that in school we were taught that a nation state is defined by its abilities to Define and defend its borders and get it printed its own currency. When you’re up try to make themselves into USA 2.0 and created the Eurozone I forgot those basic tenets of what defines our country. How can you have the central bank not having the same politics has the government of a country? Because in fact the central bank was the euro but each country and the Eurozone has its own political character and makeup. Then you lift borders and allow free movement from country to Country and you’re left with what is now Europe. The United States works because we all share one language, we all share one government, hand we all share one currency. We are one country with 50 separate districts or States. The Architects of the Euro Zone did not calculate all that was going into their creation.
So now England and the United Kingdom has left the Eurozone and what happens next is very dim.


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