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Being behind in the polls this far from the election is not fatal. Being behind by this much and the amount of money one has  cash on hand at this point can be fatal. I know that it’s generally thought that people make their decisions late and after the debates but in fact people make their minds up pretty early. And this is the time they make up their minds. Donald Trump had to send out an emergency fundraising letter to his supporters asking for $100,000 to put ads to run in the Battleground States. When I saw that 100000 number first I thought that I miss read it. But it’s in fact true. Hillary’s campaign is spending 5.2 million dollars in the next few weeks and the Battleground States. Trump zero.
He also does not have any ground game to talk about. He has 30 yes 30 operatives on the ground across the 50 states. He has basically no PR and is letting the RNC run his campaign. Basically he’s Outsourcing his campaign to the RNC. That wouldn’t be that bad for most candidates but Trump is not exactly love within the bosoms of the RNC. Then you add to the mix his pulling all credentials from The Washington Post and several other media Outlets is not making him the darling of the media that he used to be. Every single media Outlet now sees that they may lose access to the candidate and they’re angry about it.

As Hillary Clinton supporters we have 3 jobs. 1 is 2 donate as much money as we can to the campaign Period 2 is to volunteer whenever it’s possible. 3, and I think this is the most important one, talk to your neighbors your friends your family and explain what a wonderful president that we will make. Many people in the United States know Hillary has a caricature we know her as a strong leader. We need to change people’s attitudes towards Hillary and the only way to do it is through lots of advertising and one on one campaigning with those closest to us.