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This is one of the most Public Power struggles I’ve ever seen within a national political party. For Mitch McConnell to say that Donald Trump obviously doesn’t understand the issues because of his performances in the debates and will need a strong vice president says a lot in one sentence.
The new Donald Trump, the more presidential Donald Trump, is boring. In a speech in front of Evangelical leaders today he once again used a teleprompter. He is terrible when using a teleprompter. But then when he opens his mouth in off the cuffs remarks he manages to insult large
demographics of our country. I don’t have a crystal ball so I can’t say you to you how the future is going to end up. What I can say is that if you muzzle Donald Trump he becomes boring and loses his appeal. If you let him be himself he insults large groups of the American people. In either case it does not look good but only time will tell.


Photo screen capture from CNN politics