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And now I know what they are talking about when they say voter suppression. I got there and I registered for walk in to vote only. And they had me down as mail-in only. My neighbor who came to vote with me also was registered as mail only and when I looked at the page where my name was on everyone was registered as mail-in only. I never received a mail-in ballot. I had to vote provisionally. And honestly if I had not gone to law school and am moderately intelligent I would have just not been able to vote. I left there furious.
The young lady who was the precinct captain was never trained for the job and is a volunteer. She told me that yesterday she was designing little girls dresses and this morning when she woke up her husband told her she was crazy to go and volunteer at the polls. She walked in and they told her you’re the precinct Captain. She said she had had no training and they gave her a book. She was really sweet and I gave her my business card and I told her if she gets overwhelmed I’ll come and help her. It was mass confusion and this is in downtown Los Angeles not some third-world country country.
This is what happens when you have Arnold Schwarzenegger, a republican, as the governor for so many years.