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Jeff Weaver was being his ever pleasant self on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC this evening. He refused to answer and stonewalled every question regarding what happened during the conversation with President Obama and Bernie Sanders on Saturday which was ostensibly the reason for his appearance on the show. He also refused to say what was going on within the campaign. I have no idea why he was even on the show other than he’s a media whore can get paid handsomely to do so.
At the end of the segment Chris Matthews had reminded him that he had promised to give a date as to when Bernie Sanders would be releasing his tax returns. Jeff Weaver then brought up the campaign of Chris Matthews wife and the fact that they had not released their tax returns. To make it clear to everyone who might think that they are living in an alternate universe Chris Matthews wife was running for the Maryland Senate. She was not running for president of United States of America. At that point Chris Matthew and his well known Irish temper said that he had nothing to do with that campaign and you know it very well Jeff Weaver. Chris Matthews was Furious and at the end of the segment when he was saying goodbye to the other people on the panel when he got to Jeff Weaver he said ” Thank you, but on second thought Jeff Weaver no thank you”. And they cut to commercial. I don’t think Jeff Weaver will ever be invited on Hardball again.