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The author of this article believes that this is as presidential Donald Trump is going to be. He makes a good point, how many 69 year olds change the way they have behaved for the last 45 years? I also have my opinion that just like one gets used to chronic pain to a point but one really never stops feeling it. So when I hear the news media and their political Talking Heads say that his supporters are loyal and will stick with him, I agree. But here’s how this all becomes difficult path to the presidency for the Donald. The Republican party is about a third of the population but I don’t think that they’re all going to go out and vote for him. And Independence who say they’re going to go out and vote for him are not that great and numbers. I know we’re going to go through Cycles where they bolster Trump and knock down Hillary. Then they’ll be bolstering stirring Hillary and knocking down Trump. This is corporate news needing to feed the beast. And when I hear that we need to fix citizens united I think we also need to look at how make sure that corporate profits are not what dictates what’s in the media. Journalism is called the fourth estate for a reason. We need to bring it back to where it was. Butt the first amendment has to be protected as well so this is going to be quite a balancing act that I am not sure we can pull off.


The cropping of this photo is quite deliberate. He's a half-assed man who deserves only half a picture.