U.S. House of Representatives’ Chaplain Accused of Discriminating Against Atheism, Judaism and other Minority Religions

When you cough it may be a symptom of a deeper problem. This is a symptom of a deeper problem. I came from a very liberal family. We were Jewish and lived in Texas. I was always so uncomfortable when they made us say the Lord’s Prayer. Why should a six-year-old feel uncomfortable in school because of a religion? And now the government, theoretically the Bastion of the separation of church and state, is the siding what religion is worthy of being heard. That is complete BS. He read the article below you’ll see how the chaplain of the House of Representative used delaying tactics to keep a rifle leader of his church from being able to do the opening prayer. This is shameful.
I have moved away from my religion, I still identify as Jewish to honor and respect my parents. But in reality I know that there is a higher power but I don’t believe that it is my imaginary friend in the sky. Look The Big Bang had to be set off. That higher power may be nothing more than how ants see us. But I don’t think we are granting ants wishes in our interaction with them.


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