This Is What a Republican Attack on Bernie Sanders Would Look Like

Sanders’ electability argument is still a myth.
It’s the same argument that can be said for John Kasich electability no one really knows them. Once the Trump campaign starts showing ads about Bernie Sanders spending his honeymoon in moscow’s Red Square during the Cold War, at the height of the Cold War, people won’t want to vote for him. Hillary Clinton has been vetted almost all her life. There will be no surprises here. And this FBI investigation is a bunch of BS. Our current Secretary of Defense admitted last month that he had a private server in his house until last month and no one’s talking about putting him under investigation because it’s not illegal and he’s not running for president.
It’s time for Bernie Sanders to pick a vice president running mate and leave the race 6 days later. He can take a page from Ted Cruz’s play book.


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  1. Well balanced & proposed thoughts/ideas & suggestions; particularly from an experienced “PoliSci” perspective! But having done what he’s done, & not only so deeply & thoroughly committed not only himself, but all those close & around him/his long political career; as well as the now MILLIONS – INCLUDING MANY PREVIOUSLY TOTALLY CONTRARY TO ANY POLITICAL MOVEMENTS &/or EFFORTS – it’s simply moved to far along to just blithely post “OOPS!” Personal Pride, Face & basic integrity have come so very, very much in play now. It appears Sen Bernie WAS all set to “pull the plug”, when the basic numbers game of these preliminaries of that almost incoherent “Nomination” process loomed overwhelming. What now remains to be seen – Win, Lose or Withdraw graciously – is how many of his “secular Liberation Theologians” he can manage to keep involved, while being redirected. My concern is; they’ve by now become far, far too “comfy” with their age peer “Rip Van Winkle” routines, so can easily rationalize their “just sitting out another one”!!

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