Sanders asks for extension on financial disclosure forms | TheHill

You’ve gotta be effing me. First his tax returns now the necessary documentation to be a presidential candidate. And my favorite is the excuse he gives, his grueling campaign schedule. I guess he’s the only one campaigning of those people who are campaigning that needed to turn in their documentation. Thanks to Steve Rohosky and Marlene Becker for pointing this out on Facebook. By the way they’re asking an extension till June 14th which will conveniently make it after the California primary. Are we hiding much?
I’m not one of those people that thinks people are guilty, until I think that people are guilty. And this smells of guilt big time. Release your forms and your tax returns sent it or Sanders. You’ve been in elected office for over 30 years you know how it works.
The letter below has the email address to the person, Tracey ( ), at the Federal Election Commission that they were too. I urge you to all write to this person and ask that that he is forced to give his documents prior to the last person voting in a primary in the Democratic Party. You can cut and pasted from above into your email. We are citizens of the United States and have the right to speak out.


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