Rachel Maddow explains what it took for Hillary Clinton to be in compliance with State Department email rules

Along with the news that I’m sure you’ve already heard saying that Hillary Clinton did not meet the requirements for email storage after she left office there is something that Rachel Maddow points out.
Here is how it works.
For every email that the Secretary of State since she was to print it and put it in a box. For every email that the Secretary of State received she was supposed to print it and put it in a box. As you can imagine this creates a lot of paper. In this photo Rachel shows the paper produced in 3 days of emails that were received and sent by her. And she is not the Secretary of State.


If you were asked to do this at your job you would say no. And you did not have to travel to  157 countries over the course of 4 years, unless John Kerry is reading this. The state department admits that it’s system is Antiquated and has actually produced 3000 boxes of unfiled emails to and from the various Secretary of States since 1997. Now I understand that these emails are not in any way sorted. There is no index and there’s no way to search through them. The state department says that by the end of this year they will have an off-the-shelf product that will back up the emails. But until that happens this weird system which only Rachel Maddow had the journalistic Integrity to report is what has caused all these issues for Hillary Clinton. They are fabricated issues and I hope more journalists take Rachel’s lead and tells the story The Way It Is.
A lot of people on television and in opinion pieces have said that Hillary Clinton has taken a blase attitude about this email situation. If I were in her shoes I would be so tired of this stupid rule of her having to print out every email she received and sent out I would to be rolling my eyes the way she does.

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  1. Thank God there is finally someone out there who actually has something favorable to say about Hillary. It’s just getting a bit tedious to listen to these “scandals” over and over. I’ve been listening to them for over 25 years and I’m getting angry!!!! Leave this woman alone Righties! Every single “scandal” has a trail leading back to a Republican PAC. This issue was taken to the DOJ as a possible way to “get” Hillary. Benghazi could have been concluded after 1 month of investigation but the Republicans were told to drag it out until Hillary announced for President. Come on!!!

  2. Not printing her emails is the j walking of her problems. Having the server is the car crash of her problems. Probably not illegal but was against her employer’s policy and quite stupid. An unforced error.

  3. Finally someone I trust to shed light on the truty! Thank you! What a mess, so I am sure the republicans who went after knowing this and the time it would take to sort out the emails. Just another republican ploy in an attempt to keep her out of the White House.

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