Donald Trump’s delegate ineptitude stumbles into white nationalism

What this delegate is a stumble then what the candidate did was a pie in the face. When Trump denied knowing who David Duke or what white supremacist are or the Ku Klux Klan he made his feelings regarding those disgusting subjects quite clear. That he has delegates that follow his Neo-Nazi inclination makes perfect sense to me.
Today as is its normal way of doing business the news media started humping out poles that show Trump either in the lead or close to Hillary Clinton in swing States. First they never put out a disclaimer that polls this early are useless. II they never gave the number of people pulled. I can poll 100 people in a very specific area and get very skewed poll numbers. It’s the news media’s way of keeping their ratings going. Shame on CNN and MSNBC and I can’t talk for Fox because I have never watched that infernal Channel.

Trump has begun making fists so that we cannot see his possum like fingers

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