Clinton looks to pop Trump’s populist appeal in Commerce CA. speech -CNN


As a blogger it is unusual for me to be at the center or where news is being made. I had the honor of being invited to hear Hillary Clinton speak in front of a group of union workers in Commerce California period Commerce is industrial area a few miles outside of downtown Los Angeles. And yes Hillary was at her best. She spoke to the people about their problems and their needs. She explained in detail how her policies will help the middle class get its footing back.


She told the union workers that their numbers are no longer going to go down under a Hillary Clinton administration. She said the attack on the unions has to stop. I’ve gotta tell you that got the loudest shouts and Applause from the crowd. They started chanting Hillary Hillary Hillary.
The media was there in large numbers and getting her message out to the rest of the people.


Indian Hillary made the case that this is not just an election this is to choose our next president, the leader of the Free World, and our commander-in-chief. And she questioned whether one can trust Donald Trump with such a responsibility. Clearly I don’t believe that at all.

Click below to read the CNN coverage of the speech

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