Bernie Sanders weakened and surrendering as he gets to California

If you watched The Rachel Maddow Show today you can stop reading. Although the link below may be interesting to you. The person in charge of online marketing for California said when he resigned that the campaign had decided to go in a different direction. The other direction I campaign can go is cable and television advertising. Yet the Sanders campaign has not bought any advertising in California. Mind you this is a campaign that has spent almost 60 million dollars and adds to win 20 primaries and caucuses vs. Hillary who spend 44 million and won 26 primaries and caucuses.
He has 60 staffers on the ground in a state of 44 million people. He says he’s going after Latinos but I think that’s a mistake because Latinos are afraid of Bernie Sanders losing to Donald Trump period and college students he can register them all and it won’t make a dent.

Bernie Sanders has shown no intention of giving up. And yet this points to something troubling. Is he out of money? And if he is how could he be with those $27 donations of his. Or has he seen the light but his rhetoric certainly doesn’t show that. This is going to be an interesting four weeks.

Screenshot from May 12th 2016 Rachel Maddow Show

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