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There are few people that’s annoying me more than Cornel West. He attacks President Obama left and right even though he claims to be a African American activist. He calls every one brother and sister. That’s one of Bernie Sanders brilliant choices for the platform committee. Next comes James Zogby a pro-palestinian activist. He’s figuring out the best way for the Democrats to be defeated by alienating African Americans who support President Obama and the Jewish vote that supports Israel. I know platforms don’t have a lot of say on how the president elected on it behave. But this is going to be a great weapon for Trump to be using for the next 5 months. We might as well have a communist on the platform committee and just put some Nails into the coffin of the democratic chances to win the White House this year and for that matter the Senate. I think that Bernie Sanders is trying to destroy the Democratic Party from within. He is no Democrat
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