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I think that Hillary is being very kind here. This man is a liar or a flip-flopper whatever is your taste. Just a few years ago he was for sensible gun control including better background checks and a complete ban on assault weapons. He says he wants gun free zones, why doesn’t he start with his own properties. He can do that he has that power, or does he. Many of the properties that bear his name are not owned by Donald Trump because he rents his name out left and right. The corporations that own his properties are sensible people.
Now he wants votes from these simpletons they are following him around like he is some sort of Entertainer. He is an Entertainer and not someone who should be in the White House. He will say anything to get elected and his supporters will be very sorry if they put them in the White House. He doesn’t have the temperament or the intelligence to be the president of the United States or the commander-in-chief.