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I know that the hashtag Bernie lost me is trending on Twitter. I also know that he has a lot of supporters that we need to bring into the Democratic party’s nominee for the presidency. That being said I have not seen that Bernie Sanders has been very considerate or even amicable to the Democratic party. I hope the Democratic Party gives him some of what he needs but not enough to change the party forever.
Chris Matthews kept asking one of his supporters and representative at the Nevada convention if there was some compromise to be had. She showed no wiggle room for compromise. Each time he brought up getting rid of the Caucasus she deflected and said that we needed to bring an end to these superdelegates. And he said well that’s how you compromise and she refused to go along. Now I know she doesn’t speak for Senator Sanders but he appointed her his spokesperson and therefore I have to think that she understands how he feels. Without compromise I don’t think the Democratic party should give Senator Sanders concessions this early in the game.


Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the Nevada State Democratic Party’s convention in Las Vegas. Tension erupted between organizers and supporters. (Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)