The Latest: Sanders again calls for Clinton speech texts

I love how his campaign says he’s toning down his message but he talks with forked tongue. I would call for Bernie Sanders to release his math grades from high school has he obviously does not understand how that works. I would also ask that you release all of his tax returns just as Hillary Clinton has. Or is his wife still fumbling through the file cabinet to find them?
I was just invited to a vote for Bernie Sanders event and when I said I wasn’t interested and I supported Hillary Clinton they told me that I was a troll on Facebook. I had to that point never even come close to a Bernie Sanders Facebook group. And yet Bernie Sanders supporters are everywhere on Hillary groups. Enough is enough.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., addresses a gathering of supporters during a campaign rally on New Haven Green in New Haven, Conn., Sunday, April 24, 2016.(Charles Krupa/Associated Press)

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