Sanders’ surrogate on CNN says that there is a reason behind Trump’s calling Secretary Clinton “Crooked Hillary

Nomi Konst, aso-called Democratic strategist said that yes she disagrees with everything that Donald Trump says and would not vote for the man but he had a point in calling Hillary crooked. She said that he is illustrating something about the trustworthy Factor. And then she went on and on with the normal crap that comes out of the Bernie Sanders non negative campaign campaign. Not negative, Lord this man is so negative he doesn’t know how to say anything positive. Perhaps he should learn how to govern. I am as Secretary of State Clinton is very tired of the Sanders campaign desperate moves that will hurt our candidate in the general election. She said that there’s something wrong about a candidate that throws a $373,000 a couple dinner. By the way those who paid 373000 for sitting at the table with George Clooney his wife and Hillary Clinton. Second most of that money is not going into the Hillary Clinton campaign but to a campaign to get Democrats voted in the House, Senate and governorships. The non democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has yet to say he would do the same. He is not a Democrat has never been a Democrat and will never be a Democrat. Bernie Sanders should be on the ticket with Donald Trump.


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