Sanders committed to finishing primary race, sees winning path | MSNBC

Before this interview, Rachel Maddow eviscerated Jeff Weaver for saying that there was a path to the nomination for Bernie Sanders. The first five minutes of her show basically making fun of him for having said that on the set of their election night coverage on NBC. Then comes Tad Devine who reiterated their belief that they’re going to be able to flip enough of the delegates that Hillary has already won drink offices that are coming up. So Rachel, and I have to give her a lot of credit for this , compared the Bernie Sanders campaign to that of Ted Cruz’s campaign. Basically trying to steal delegates that they did not win. It’s not going to work and all of you people being paid $800,000 a month are going to be losing your jobs. And Tad Devine you will be once again associated with a losing campaign. No wonder Bernie Sanders went home to recharge his batteries my Lord he’s acting like Ted Cruz and he must be so proud of that.

Tad Devine, Sanders senior campaign advisor, who has never been associated with a winning Democratic campaign for president.

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