It Will Be Easy To Establish Democratic Party Unity

As much as Bernie Sanders supporters will say that they will never vote for Hillary Clinton in the end they will. Comparing the Democrats the Republicans is like comparing apples and bananas. There is going to be a decisive winner of the democratic nomination not so much on the Republican side. You add in the fact that the three candidates and I include John Kasich in this have draconian views of how to run our country. Lower the taxes for the rich and take away as many of the safety net programs for the poor is how they look at our country in the future.
The Democrats will keep on the path that President Obama has started and continue our economies flourishing. So in the end there will be no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton. Sitting out the election after listening to what the Republican nominee will say during debates and commercials will be impossible for Bernie Sanders supporters.
I have said this repeatedly, I would vote for whomever the Democratic party nominates.


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