A Pro-Hillary Group is spending $1 Million to take on Bernie Bros – Fortune

Each day after a debate or after an election in one of the primaries I see these online polls that say that Bernie Sanders had won the debate 521 against Hillary Clinton. When in reality at best he held his own but in fat he had lost the debate or the primary. I am somewhat internet savvy and understand that online polls have absolutely no basis in reality. That being said I am so happy to see that Hillary Clinton supporters are going to spend money on the internet to get reality back into online polls and what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter. I belong to a Hillary supporters group on Facebook that has almost 250,000 members. It’s impossible for the administrators to weed out the Bernie Sanders supporters. The Bernie Sanders supporters are rude and go in there with this scorched-earth attitude about Hillary Clinton. They are not mature enough to understand that it will be her and whomever the Republicans choose most likely Donald Trump as the choice in November. Bernie Sanders supporters do you really want to risk are Supreme Court on Donald Trump? So this is great news to me. Let’s make the internet an even playing field for Hillary Clinton.


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