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I watched all of the debate. Bernie Sanders looked out of place and outgunned. Hillary Clinton remain cool calm and presidential. Point-by-point Hillary Clinton was able to show that she had the right stuff to be president. His pie-in-the-sky idea of what America should be is not a reality. I have watched both CNN and MSNBC commentary on the debate. Chris Matthews said ” I could tell that Bernie Sanders believed that this was his last hurrah his last time on a big stage. You can see it in the way his face looked.” He asked Jeff Weaver Sanders campaign manager ” I thought that Bernie Sanders was going to go for The Knockout but he did not. It felt like his final round.” Jeff Weaver said that Bernie Sanders was being a gentleman.” Anyone who watched the debate knows that Bernie Sanders was no gentleman tonight. His gestures would be better used in a delicatessen. He had plants in the audience booing Secretary of State Clinton and never said for them to stop. When at the end they chanted Bernie Bernie Bernie he did not even act humble and ask them to stop.
He was wrong on his policies and wrong on the future of our country. My Lord he wants to dismantle NATO! Are you kidding me? With Putin having jets fly a hundred feet above our Navy destroyers and he wants to dismantle NATO.
And let’s talk about his tax returns or rather the problem of his tax returns. Even Wolf Blitzer joked and said that Jane could probably make xeroxes of them right now. He’s hiding something and let’s see if you really does put out his tax returns. Maybe he’s like Donald Trump and being audited.
At the end of the night after insulting half the country I believe that Bernie Sanders has seen his star shut down. Let’s all rally behind Hillary Clinton so that we can have a continuation of President Obama’s Legacy and great policies.
My blog is not a democracy. If you don’t like my opinion go find a Bernie Sanders blog and read their opinion. Hateful posts will just be trashed.
Tonight I have seen what Bernie Sanders supporters are like and I don’t like what I see. Attacking me personally, really, do you know me?


Chris Matthews putting the heat on Jeff Weaver Bernie Sanders campaign manager