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These are the same half truths that he used in his interview with Charlie Rose on the CBS Evening News tonight. He keeps saying that he read in a Washington Post headline that Hillary Clinton said he was not qualified. The Washington Post has firmly said she never said that. When he is confronted with that, he does what every politician of his type does, and deflects. He said that he criticized her and asked her to apologize for the deaths of those who died in Iraq because her vote. He said he did this because he was attacked for his vote on gun control. He was not attacked by Hillary Clinton he was attacked by the parents of those little children who died in Sandy Hook. When asked if he thought that President Obama was qualified to be president, he responded that he was not running against President Obama. The truth Senator Sanders would be really really refreshing right now.
I will end this on a positive note, he did say that he will support Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee. He did not say he likes her he said she would be better than Trump or Cruz or anyone else the Republicans would put up. I guess that’s better than what he could have said. But he is a politician after all.