N.R.A. Praises Bernie Sanders for Debate Comments on Gunmakers – The New York Times

Maybe he’ll get a hugeeee check from the NRA. His argument had no basis last night. When a car maker makes a car that does not work correctly they are held liable. If you take a gun to a shooting range and the gun explodes in your hands the bill that Senator Sanders supported holds the gun manufacturer harmless. In other words they can build stuff that doesn’t work and no one can go against them because they are one of the only industries in the United States that is wholly protected against products that are not designed are constructed well. This has nothing to do with the fact that guns kill this has to do with the manufacturing of the gun itself.
The Bernie Sanders supporters on the internet are saying oh well you’re trying to blame gun manufacturer is responsible for people killing each other. That is such misinformation that it strikes of the tone that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would use.
And that’s not a and that’s not a Democratic  Party policy.


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