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There’s an old Bible saying ” Everything I say is a lie, if everything I say is a lie then that must be the truth, but then everything I say is a lie”. That’s the conundrum of Donald Trump. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. So how can one figure out what the truth is. Trump, like Bernie Sanders were really never a member of a specific party. Both of these men are running on parties that they really have never been a part of the structure. They both are yelling about how the parties are being unfair to them. Being part of a political party involves loyalty and both of these guys don’t understand that. I don’t blame the other Republicans for saying that they’re not going to support Trump after he’s insulted them and their families and brought this race to a childish level. I still will support Bernie Sanders if God forbid Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination. But I will do so while holding my nose.


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