Paul Ryan is the speaker of the house and he says he inherited his problems. He said he inherited his problems from the previous Congress. Was he not a leader in the previous Congress? Paul Ryan and all of the Republican leadership in congress have caused the Donald Trump effect. And for him to blame others is a sign of Wii character and poor leadership skills.
His statements at the Republican convention in Cincinnati is going to be an open one is purely wishful thinking. After Romney’s defeat the Republican Party refuse to see that they had fielded a bad candidate. They said the long primary was the cause of Romney’s defeat. Remember this is the man who said that 47% of Americans are do nothing. So they decided that they would make it easier for the FrontRunner to become the nominee quickly. From now on many of the states that will be voting in the primaries are winner-take-all so when Donald Trump who needs to win a bit more than 50% of the delegates to be nominated he has a better chance with his impressive leads. Now please understand I will do everything in my power to make sure that Donald Trump is not the president. He is unfit and does not have the temperament ordem knowledge to be the president of the United States.


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