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Chris Matthews on Hardball said it best. Ben Carson is not running for president he’s selling books and getting a really large mailing list. People have made fun of his intellect but that’s not fair. He is, a brain surgeon. Even a bad brain surgeon is a very very smart man. And he’s a very good brain surgeon from what I’m told. So, I believe, that in the back of his head he always knew this day was coming but he would leave the race with an incredible mailing list of devoted followers that will buy each and every one of his books. Bravo, played like a chess master.
He never studied to become the commander in chief. Never cared to know which country was what. Basically the man was a scam artist. Still is a scam artist in my eyes and will always be.


Ben Carson was the only Republican candidate besides Donald Trump to have led in multiple national polls since Trump came on the scene over the summer. Photograph: Rainier Ehrhardt/Reuters

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