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My friends Sebastiano Grasso,  from his facebook group I’m with her Hillary Clinton 2016, pointed out this very interesting fact. If you look at the total of the raw vote in all of 2016 primaries so far Hillary Clinton gets 4 million votes while donald Trump gets 3.3 million votes. Now if you add in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz they do get as a Republican block about a million more votes. But as we know this has been a much more contested election for the Republicans than for the Democrats. Yes people have been feeling the burn but those who feel the burn also feel the need to go to spring break. So the vote totals are skewed. What’s more important to point out is that the media keeps talking about how the Democrats are having poor turnout and the Republicans are getting these great turnout and yet Hillary is beating Trump by a huge percentage. Can please someone tell the media that we need the facts and not their point of view. It’s in the best interest of these conglomerates to keep us thinking then this is going to be a close race and the more they make it feel like a close race the more it becomes a close race. I don’t want Democrats to get this illusions. We’re doing really well.

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