Star Trek TV Series Reboot To Launch 2017 On CBS All Access!

When science fiction shows or just by shows such as lost in space and Flash Gordon, Star Trek game blazing across our screens. I was such a fan that I remember standing in line, these were the days before Fandango, for the first Star Trek movie on July 3rd in one of the hottest days in Miami ever. I stood in line from 1 o’clock in the afternoon until at 7:30 showing so I will be sure to get a seat.
Now cBS is going to use Star Trek to bolster its new streaming service. I guess I will come up with the $5.95 monthly fee for at least a month to make sure the show is up to the Star Trek legacy. Having the producers of limitless as those bringing it to the screen I feel that it has a head start already on greatness.
I hope I will get to rekindle my love affair with Star Trek television I still happily watch reruns of Star Trek The Next Generation from BBC America, even though I have seen those episodes at least 10 times. Jimmy that tells you a show is great. So I hope that CBS energizes and makes it so.

This is the reboot of the logo for the new series. I like that it has a certain darkness and maybe we'll match the times we live in. That's what Star Trek was so good at.

Click on the link below to read the full story of how the show is being created for next season.

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