Taiwan: The church shaped like a giant stiletto

I saw this on this morning Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN. At first I thought it was a joke. But in fact Taiwan has decided to make a church that looks like a giant stiletto. They have their first woman president and I guess there’s a trend there but I don’t see it.

Tourists take pictures in front of a shoe-shaped church in southern Chiayi on January 11, 2016. The church, which measures 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide, took two months to build. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)


How Los Angeles Is Changing the Way Men Dress

acket, $265, rogueterritory.com; Outerknown Shirt, $195, Bloomingdale’s, 800-777-0000; Borneo T-shirt, $95, matiere.com; M001 Gunnison Jeans, $265, simonmillerusa.com; Standard Issue High Top Sneakers, $225, rag-bone.com; Sunglasses, $340, garrettleight.com; Belt, $150, rag-bone.com; Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Watch, $18,750, rolex.com; Bracelet, $85, miansai.com. Fashion editor: Becky Malinsky PHOTO: MACKENZIE STROH FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, GROOMING BY TARA PAGLIARA, MODEL: JONATHAN GLASS/FORD MODELS (MODEL); ILLUSTRATION BY JULIEN PACAUD

What can I say, I seem to live in places that are fashion forward. I lived in Miami during the Miami Vice and later South Beach efa of clothing and now live in Los Angeles and specifically in downtown Los Angeles the hub of activity right now in Los Angeles. You walk around and see people dressed very well as opposed to a few years ago here in Los Angeles. There’s a sense of style that is very much the city’s and represents our lifestyle here and the way we like to look.
Click on the link below to see the Wall Street Journal’s take on this. And once again I’d like to thank my friends Thomas Brady from London for pointing this article out to me.


Sarah Palin’s jacket got more press than her Donald Trump endorsement

Inquiring minds want to know and so I did the research. At first I thought it was some sort of alien shielding device. In fact this was A thought out fashion decision. One that I cannot phantom making. It was hideous. Now that we know a designer was involved it’s time to never use that designer.



Special delivery: A video message from fans of Jeb Bush

I was watching Rachel Maddow tonight and her in disbelief that Jeb Bush had sent out by FedEx Overnight video players to potential New Hampshire voters. Video players now I’m not talking about sending out a DVD or, may I age, myself a VHS. We are talking about video players that went opened start telling you why you should vote for Jeb Bush. The man has spent more than almost everyone combined in the race for presidency except for Marco Rubio, I like to call him a wet behind the ear Marco. And for all of that money he is still in single digits in every single hole you can find. Maybe his new campaign should be Jeb! he knows how to spend money.


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Special delivery: A video message from fans of Jeb Bush

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By Ed O'Keefe January 18

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush talks with college professor Wendy Thomas during a campaign stop at Souhegan High School in Amherst, N.H., on Jan. 16. (Jim Cole/AP)


Watch “Milo Yiannopoulos and Dave Rubin Discuss Gay Rights and Cultural Libertarians” on YouTube

My friend Tom Brady from London turned me on to this. This is a series of very funny videos from a libertarian vs conservative point of view. The one I picked was on gay marriage. I’ve included the link to go to the other videos below.
To watch the YouTube video on gay marriage follow this link
For other very funny videos follow this link

Our conservative spokesman needs a root job on his bad bleach job

Highlights from the 6th Republican primary debate

I did not watch it. I am fact based, and they are fib based. I am sure that the following will be true though. Donald Trump is still a rude man. Chris Christie is still fat . I no longer have any patience for these people.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talks to the media as he visits Jose Marti Freshman Academy in Union City, N.J. Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013, the day after defeating Democratic challenger Barbara Buono to win his second term as governor.

http:// m.huffpost.com/us/entry/gop-debate-highlights_5697dd9ee4b0ce4964238f33?