MarketWatch predicts Hillary Clinton will be the winner of the 2016 election

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In prediction markets, traders bet on the outcome of events. The markets have, as the New York Times has written, a much better record than polls of pointing to the eventual nominee of a party.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is still seen as the candidate who wins the 2016 election. The former first lady, a Democrat, draws 53% on PredictWise compared with Trump’s 17%.


Cruz gets just 4% on PredictWise for the New Hampshire primary, scheduled for Feb. 9, but stands a better chance — 15% — in South Carolina. Still, Trump is favored to win each of those primaries.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is considering an independent bid for president, gets just 2% on PredictWise as the winner of the election. An early poll says there’s little difference in Bloomberg’s level of supportregardless of the nominees for the two main parties.

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