Clinton Seen as Winner in November; A Trump Presidency Inspires Anxiety (POLL) – ABC News

I so understand my friends who feel the Bern. In 1972, the first time I voted in any election, I voted for George McGovern. George McGovern and ended up winning 1 State: North Dakota.
Over the years there have been some really difficult losses for me and my country. To name a few Nixon against Humphrey, George Bush against Al Gore just to name a few. I think that has made me a pragmatist. I think any one of the three candidates who are running for president in the Democratics late would make a great commander in chief. But I want to vote for the person that I think you win. Some of my readers will know that I am Jewish. That being said, so is Bernie Sanders. And at this point in 2012 Mitt Romney’s religion was front and center. Yet this giant elephant in the room is not being spoken of. Then you add that he calls himself a socialist and in my eyes Bernie Sanders becomes unelectable.
There’s another reason that I’m not supporting Bernie Sanders. I believe that the United States economy is like a super tanker. And if you take a supertanker and make a hard right or a hard left it will most likely capsize. I think we have to make changes in our country but they must be incremental. So I hope that I can convince a few of my friends that this is the time for Hillary Clinton.


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    1. Unfavorable ratings are the easiest things to lower through advertising. Think about how the unfavorable ratings of George Bush the second were erased prior to his election. So I respectfully disagree with your statement.

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