What is predictable about today’s shooting in San Bernardino

First thing and foremost is the fact that this country has too many guns. Second, you will find that the NRA is going to go into silent mode. They will disappear from the public discussion for the next week. As they don’t want to answer difficult questions about their policies. A week from now they will start spewing their rhetoric about how guns save lives and making sure that politicians that don’t know their company line are not elected. And those they keep in office like Rick Santorum who yesterday said that guns in bars where people were drunk would be a great idea because people would be responsible gun owners negating the fact that people who are responsible drivers get drunk and drive and kill people. Or senator Ted Cruz who said that each time there is a mass shooting the press says that they are Republican voters. I have never heard that and once again these people are spewing lies to make sure that they get the money from the NRA.
Shame on the NRA.


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