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I find it interesting that leading questions were given to the Democratic field that were not comfortable and could be said to be hostile, yey no one flinched . Now the Republicans meet in a secret meeting and say that they’re doing this for the American people. How could not answering questions be for the American people? The questions were not in any way biased, they were fact based. But I think that the Republican Party of 2015 doesn’t like facts. What was gotcha about asking dr. Ben Carson regarding a snake oil that he worked for the last 10 years and made plenty of money with. Yes his campaign was the loudest at complaining about the debates. Fair questions yes, because these questions are going to linger and if they’re not answered it’s going to be bad for the candidates. I hope the Republican Party sees the light and does not try to get only questions they want. Some of the demands that have come out of that meeting are that only Republicans be on the debate moderator stage. Are they saying that they only can appeal to Republicans? And if so do they realize of the Republican Party is like the Democratic Party only 40 percent of the population? The next year will be telling and my words may be proven wrong but at this point I see that the Republican Party is going down the wrong path. Not just in the debates and their format but in their issues and ignoring large swaths of the American population.


Photo of the CNBC Republican debate. Photo credit: GOPdebateschedule.com