5 Psychological Reasons You Are Addicted to Facebook

I took a break from facebook 6 months ago. I went back last week and saw that it had gotten worse than I had remembered. So I went to the next step and deactivated my account. I deactivated my account because although I am invisible on Facebook all of my postings are still being stored  on their servers. Deleting your account on Facebook in theory makes it disappear. I want to keep a footprint on Facebook that I can turn on and turn off whenever needed as it is important if you are looking for a job to have a Facebook presence, so not to look like a dinosaur. The attached article makes all the sense in the world and since leaving Facebook I have made new friends that I actually can shake hands with and that’s live near me since I no longer spend a  huge amount of time in front of a computer on Facebook. The time I wasted on Facebook was just that.

This is my view of Facebook, as it fades away and becomes less important in our lives


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