I moved back to Los Angeles and have not looked back once. My move to Miami was a huge error which I am still paying for. The friends I have made in Los Angeles have stuck with me through the good and especially through the bad. Other than a few notable exceptions, and you know who you are, those in Miami who called themselves my friends we’re really never that and acted like rats on a sinking ship when my life started going downwards.
Some, who call themselves my friends actually call themselves my best friends, refused to give me shelter when I had nowhere to go after I was in a nursing home for 5 months. Their excuse was there partner was unable to deal with me being there. And yet each time they have a chance they say “oh you were always have a place in our house. A lie that makes them feel good”. That may seem bitter, but it is the actual truth and the truth is never bitter.
Now I’m back, almost at the top of my game, and I have nothing but blue skies ahead of me. I love Los Angeles and anybody who says anything else about it has me to reckon with.


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