Garcetti shifts stance, won’t enforce tough new homeless measures – LA Times

The general public believes that the solution for the homeless is finding them homes. But in reality what constitutes a home? Many times people are given a roof over the head, but very little else. You couple that with they’re losing the community that they have learned to live with and rely upon is a recipe for disaster. Putting a roof over someone without giving them the necessary skill sets and the everyday necessities like a bed chairs cooking utensils plates is not a home. so thinking that putting a roof over someone’s head is all we need to do is wishful thinking. Is wishful thinking . This must be a holistic approach that takes in mind albany to be in the vigil has a transition into permanent housing. I applaud Mayor  Garcetti for his courageous move.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, speaking at City Hall in early June, said Tuesday he would refuse to sign two new ordinances cracking down on homeless people and would block their enforcement until certain provisions are softened.

(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

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