[VIDEO] John Oliver’s Edward Snowden Interview — Last Week Tonight | TVLine

For the first time I meant to be your, in this case John Oliver a comedian, mate what the government is doing with our data personal. Even people who had no idea of who Edward Snowden was did not want the government to be able to access personal photographs of their genitals. June 1st the Patriot Act is supposed to be off arised, many sections of it should not be because of the way the internet works. When you send an email through Gmail to someone in the United States, Google may start in a server in another country. on its return trip to the United States it is now in the hands of the NSA. if that doesn’t scare you then you get the country you deserve.

Edward Snowden being interviewed by John Oliver. Edward Snowden is holding a folder that contains a photo of John Oliver's junk.


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