Obama Calls For End To LGBT Conversion Therapy

Only haters think that this is a thing. we are born with our gender identity and sexual orientation and trying to change it is inhuman and cruel. The same people that go to church every Sunday thank that this is a thing that’s okay.



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  1. I’m a “straight” ally. It bothers me when conservative bigots claim that they don’t discriminate against gays, that it’s the sin and not the sinner… oh really? And that’s why there are “pray away the adultery” camps? Or “anti-ambition” camps? How about the camp where you learn to give away all your money? Why is there not some huge push to force Joel Osteen or Joyce Myers into something like that?

    1. I’m going to be 61 at the end of the month and I’ve been out since I was 24. I have seen massive changes. and having a life like you makes me feel very very hopeful for the future. I think the tide is turning and quickly. Thank you for your comments they mean a lot to me.

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