If Californians want to really conserve water, they should cut down on coffee, rice, and beef – Quartz

California agricultural industry has shifted from growing annuals like tomatoes and leafy vegetables etc to grove trers like almonds and pistachios. Annuals use less water can produce fruit quicker. They’re much more labor intensive. But here is a staggering satistic it takes one gallon of water to make one almond, I’m going to repeat that it takes one gallon of water to grow one almond. So yes changing all lawns will help but at home our water usage comes from the beef we and fruit like almonds trees and we need to start thinking about what we are buying in the stores so that California farmers start shifting their crops to those that are more in line with the fact that we live in the desert. If we are not careful the desert will take over California and there will be no farmland in the very near future.

There should be a lake to the right of the Damned, pictures are worth a thousand words


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