My story, and why I am asking for some help

Even small donations will help me reach my goal, 2, 3, 5 dollars would be great, thank you

A good and wise friend of mine said that I needed to explain a little bit more why I am in this predicament. On September 1st  2012 there was the possibility of a hurricane coming to Miami. I went and got water for myself and some of the older residents in the building. I put the water in my apartment and left the door unlocked, forgetting that they had sent home all security and maintenance so they could prepare their homes. Upon returning to my apartment at the Palm Bay Yacht Club and Marina after delivering the water to the elderly people in the building I was surprised to find someone in my apartment he or she immediately knocked me out. I never got a look at him or her. So from September 1st to September 3rd this person or persons electrocuted me on my left wrist and my upper right arm. The only reason I survived was that Florida Power and Light came on Monday to test our emergency generator. This has been scheduled and they shut off the power to the whole building which allowed me to escape. I crawled out into the hallway and the neighbor found me called 911 and I was rushed to Mount Sinai. I was diagnosed with fourth degree electrical burns to my left wrist and my upper right arm. This has been ruled an attempted murder, I was and still am very traumatized by this 68 hour ordeal. And I never pushed the authorities to find the person who did it. it seems that they were on a drug called bath salts. the doctor at the hospital told me they found bath salts in my apartment and I explained that I did not have any because my bathtub did not work. he’s an explain to me that bath salts wère a drug. I stayed in Mount Sinai for 6 weeks and then was transferred to Oceanside Extended Care at 9th and Pennsylvania on South Beach. I stayed there for 5 months. When I was discharged I went through grueling physical therapy in preparation for surgery on June six of two thousand and thirteen, unfortunately I lost my Medicaid coverage on June 1st and was forced to move to  Los Angeles from Miami, to get continuing care. I sold my prized bmw M3 convertible for less than a quarter of its rough value and as my friends could atest it was pristine. I moved to California because I could get coverage here and having lived here before I was familiar with the area. I am scheduled for extensive surgery on my left arm and wrist on May 27th. I am facing months of rehab and possibly more surgeries down the road.
So there it is the story that I don’t like telling because it brings up terrible memories. I am under the care of a therapist as I suffer from a very bad case of PTSD. I don’t have much in storage in Miami what apes the things that I want the most. it’s photos of my parents and family, my friends and those who are no longer with us. The things that make memories are in Miami. I only have a picture of my mom when she was 30 that I found from an identification card that she had when she came here from France and I have no pictures of my dad at all let alone any friends. so if you can help I wouldn’t truly appreciate it As I am trying to rebuild my life one brick at a time. thank you to all of those who are so generously contributed money and I thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.
Be well my friends,
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