Midnight Iran nuclear talks deadline in peril (via Riversip)

A deal is better than no deal. But a deal needs to be one that has to main and irrevocable conditions. number one the ability for the United States and its coalition to verify and monitor the Iranians. Number 2 na as important as the inability for a ran to stockpile uranium on site without again regular and mandatory inspections. As far as the proxy fights between the Shiites and the Sunnis I’m on Bill Maher with this I think the United States needs to say this is your fights guys we need to step away. al Qaeda and Isis will be so busy fighting each other and all the other Arab countries that the United States will be a non issue to them. This is a regional conflict that has been going on for thousands of years we disturbed the balance by going into a wreck and removing a very bad man but a very bad man kept the country together. I hope the United States will send twice before going into war for what seems to be no good reason.

This picture is from yesterday there were literally only two hours before the deadline


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